The 5 best Non-Physical Things Men Can Do For A Woman

2. Clean.

You may not remember this Super Bowl ad from 2017, but I do.

It’s not new that heterosexual women today still handle a majority of the household chores. Modern life is expensive, and according to data from April 2020, 64.2% of families have two working parents.

Studies have found that the most sexually satisfied couples are those who more equitably divide housework and child care.

You know why? Because women in those kinds of relationships have more energy for sex.

A woman cannot be expected to work a full-time job, take on the majority of domestic duties, and have energy left over for sex with her partner. That’s not only rarely possible, but delusional.

So, scrub some dishes, sweep or mop the floors, gentlemen. It’s hot.

Side note: Do these without announcing it. You should be helping out your partner. You don’t get special brownie points for doing something you should have already been doing.