The 5 best Non-Physical Things Men Can Do For A Woman

5. Read.

Currently, girls and women read more than boys and men.

If you don’t already read, you should start. Immediately. If there’s anything the hotdudesreading Instagram page has taught us, it’s that 1.3 MILLION people think that guys who read are hot. Like……really hot.

John Waters, author of Role Models, said it best (and I know many women who would agree),

“If you go home with somebody, and they don’t have books, don’t fuck ‘em!”

To avoid women leaving you because of your lack of reading, START READING.

I’ve been told before, “The only thing a woman needs to do to be sexy is take off her clothes.” While that might work for you, women need some other things. Men require just visual stimuli while women like a nice mix of visual and relational stimuli to get all hot and bothered. Hit the woman you want to be sexy for on all her levels by voting, cleaning, momming, remembering, and reading.