7 Questions To Ask When You’re Faced With A Crossroads In Your Relationship

1. If I were my partner, how would I react to myself?

In a serious fight, there are rarely any victims. Both sides are lashing out. Pointing fingers becomes an Olympic discipline in these situations. And believe me, I’m not free of sin either.

It took me years to achieve the necessary introspective, and I only did so at the moment I almost lost it all. Only because of the incredible amount of patience my partner gifted me, are we still together, raising a beautiful girl.

Try to limit your emotions and look at yourself. Would you be willing to confront an emotional self? Would you blindly agree with everything you have to say? Or would you feel attacked and try to retaliate? Would you maybe try to escape this intimidating situation?

Your partner is just like you — human. If you would want to run from yourself, don’t blame your partner for trying the same.