7 Questions To Ask When You’re Faced With A Crossroads In Your Relationship

3. Do I really know what my partner wants?

Have you ever asked them what they want? Most of us are quick to assume that it must be the same thing we ourselves want. But often, that’s not true. We’re all different. Each one of us has slightly different wishes, dreams, and ambitions.

There’s nothing wrong with that. But this can cause issues if you stay in the dark about them. What are your partner’s goals? In life? In your relationship? In their career?

Maybe they feel stuck. Maybe they feel immense inner pressure because they think they failed to provide you the life they want to give you? And if then a fight breaks out and you attack them, it’s not too far a stretch for them to think that you’ve come to a similar conclusion.

Another reason may be that they want to have children, waiting for years now, and they feel like time is running out on them. But you were not keen on the idea in a past conversation, so they feel afraid of speaking up about it.

If you don’t know what your partner truly desires, it is past due to sit down together and talk about it, open and honest.