7 Questions To Ask When You’re Faced With A Crossroads In Your Relationship

5. Am I truly supporting my partner?

And I don’t mean just replying “great” when they proudly announce that someone bought their handmade scarf on eBay. As children, we all look to our parents for validation. That’s how we grow as people. When we become adults and live on our own, that doesn’t mean that we suddenly don’t need the support of others anymore.

You become the most important anchor in your partner’s life. Even if they don’t show it, your opinion is the most important one. Imagine your partner picked up a pen tomorrow to start to write a book. If Stephen King himself would tell your partner that they are incredibly talented at writing horror stories, and you would claim the exact opposite, chances are, your partner will feel defeated and drop that pen immediately.

Whatever it is your partner is doing, you have to support them with all you can give. Just as they support you in all your endeavors. Your opinion weighs higher than gold.

You alone can be responsible for making or breaking them.