5 Things That Happened When I Stopped Using Dating Apps

3. I faced the facts.

It eventually sank in that the money, time, and energy I’d spent on successive and underwhelming dates wasn’t going to result in anything tangible. What followed was a very real grieving period involving lots of sulking, tears, and car journeys spent listening to women singing/rapping about not needing anyone. Looking back now, those weeks (probably months) were basically a one woman pity party, but I just couldn’t be bothered to pull myself out of my self-indulgence

4. I met someone.

Ironically, and just a few short months after my decision to stop using dating apps, I met someone through a friend of a friend. It didn’t last, but I can now see it could never have worked long-term. The experience taught me so much about what I did — and more importantly, didn’t — want from a relationship and put me on course to become a calmer, wiser and stronger version of myself