9 Toxic Things You Don’t Realize You’re Doing Because You’re Afraid Of Being Single Forever

1. You Feel Bad Turning Down Invites.

In your head, being single means failing and sad and lonely and all the negative stuff. This subconsciously drives you to do things to avoid that dreadful outcome and, thus, take any chance you can have to get into a relationship.

When someone asks you out, even though you are not attracted to this person, you don’t want to turn them down. You feel inclined to give them a chance because you think, “What if this will become a relationship?” and, if it does and even if it’s bad, at least you’ve got that sorted.

2. You Feel Guilty When You’re Not Dating.

If you look back on your past years, how long was the longest you’d gone without ANY romantic interactions? Let me guess… not long?

Even when it’s right after a breakup and you decide that you should take a break from dating to heal, at the back of your mind, you think you should be out there meeting new people and building new connections. You feel a sense of urgency and panic like there’s a timer ticking somewhere and suitable matches are scarce goods.

Being single becomes a problem and you need to solve it now. You can’t let yourself breathe and enjoy your alone time fully.

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