30 Things Single Guys Wish Girls Would Keep In Mind While Dating

3. Longevity in a relationship is about compromises both ways. If the other one is the only one who always has to bend backward but you never do, you are not doing it right.

4. People change for their own reasons. Don’t get into a relationship with someone hoping he will change. Unless he wants to, it won’t happen.

5. Sometimes us men really are thinking about nothing, nothing whatsoever. If we say nothing it usually means nothing.

6. We don’t have to talk to consider it quality time.

7. When you are with your SO put the f#@%ing phone down. nothing gets to me more than having a set time to be together and her constantly checking texts, FB, Instagram… when I am with my SO my phone is on silent and stays in my pocket so I can be focused and engaged with her.

8. Most character traits that a guy has aren’t going away. People change throughout the course of a relationship, but fundamentally core behaviors and beliefs won’t budge. If you see a habit or trend you have to put up with that bothers you, ask yourself if you can put up with it forever. Relationships will have sacrifices, but don’t assume you’re willing to sacrifice your happiness forever to tolerate something, and don’t assume they’ll sacrifice theirs for you.