30 Things Single Guys Wish Girls Would Keep In Mind While Dating

15. If you hit or berate your boyfriend/spouse, that’s abusive. It doesn’t matter what gender the abuser is, and even if it doesn’t hurt physically it can really hurt mentally and emotionally.

16. We can’t read minds. Never think “we should know” what you want or are thinking.

17. If you want to be with someone else, dump your partner. Don’t pull that bullshit where you play the field while having a partner who you’re keeping on the backburner if things don’t work with your new crush. And sure as hell don’t string your partner along waiting for the “perfect moment” to break up with them while you’re fucking around with someone new. The best time to break up with your partner when you don’t want to be with them (especially if you want to be with someone new) is immediately, rip off the band-aid and get it over with.

18. Communicate clearly. Men don’t handle subtlety well.

19. Be the one who engages intimately once in a while. What I’d give to have a girlfriend reach out and touch me without me doing anything prior. Means a lot to a guy!