30 Things Single Guys Wish Girls Would Keep In Mind While Dating

20. If you like a guy, not even head over heels, just if you appreciate being around them, just tell them!

We don’t ever really get compliments like this, so we often hold onto the ones we get for months, even years.

Tell your friends you love them, and care about them. It might mean nothing to you, but it means the world to us.

21. If you see a dude you like, go for it. I HATE the whole “only the man asks because that’s the masculine thing to do.” Nothing is hotter than a strong-ass woman who sees what she wants and takes it. Just call me Ron Swanson because powerful women are awesome to me.

22. The best advice I can give is you sometimes shouldn’t be friends with an ex or someone you rejected. You’re absolutely NOT doing them a favor you’re NOT letting them down easy. You’re dangling a dream in front of someone who will never get it. Cut contact and leave. You’re turning a broken heart into a festering one.