30 Things Single Guys Wish Girls Would Keep In Mind While Dating

23. We enjoy a comfortable silence. Not every moment needs to be filled with meaningless talk.

24. Don’t treat your partner differently in front of other people than you do in private.

25. Why do people love dogs? Seriously, why? They don’t do much. They don’t work. They don’t do our taxes. They poop and don’t even clean up after themselves. The only thing dogs do is provide affection. That’s the answer. The secret to winning affection is to give it. All men want, all people want is to be wanted.

Do what dogs do and be excited, be happy to be near us, and we will race around the earth to steal you the sun.

26. Please don’t volunteer us to do something for someone else before asking.

27. Please stop ghosting me. It actually feels worse than being told the truth about how you feel.