Here’s Why It’s Okay To Date While You’re Pregnant

At the beginning of April, I received the shock of my life when the pregnancy test I bought from the local store tested positive. I ended up taking four more tests that same week to be sure. It seemed the birth control I took had failed me. Was I surprised? Definitely. Unhappy? Not really. I couldn’t believe there was a baby the size of a poppy seed growing inside of me. A child that was half of me. It was love at first knowledge.

Several months before becoming pregnant, I had moved back home after four years of living abroad. COVID-19 had brought my international adventures to a quick halt. To say that I was unprepared for this baby would be an understatement. I didn’t have a job or a car and I had to stay with my parents since the only apartment I had was back in China. Not to mention that I had just finished spending a chunk of my savings on a month-long backpacking trip through Europe.