Here’s Why It’s Okay To Date While You’re Pregnant

In the first three days that I was on the site, I was asked out by four guys, but there was only one whose offer that I took up. I knew I had to be honest from the start, so I told him my circumstances. A couple weeks later, we finally met. Although it ended in friendship, I was grateful for the experience and the opportunity to meet somebody new.

There are many benefits that come with dating, and this is something pregnant women should not be deprived or ashamed of. Of course there is the potential for a new relationship, but there is also the opportunity to meet new people and have exciting conversations. Dating while being pregnant is not equivalent to a mother who is not thinking of her child. A woman can love her unborn child and still want a romantic and explorative life of her own. It is your life, your nine months of pregnancy and your choice to have any experience that you want.