6 Ways To Be A Better Partner When You Have An Anxious Attachment Style

3. Take a mental note of when your anxieties are proven wrong

Whenever my partner shows up in our relationship in a way that surprises me, I take a mental note. I use this non-physical checklist to remind myself of how committed my boyfriend is, especially when my anxieties are becoming too much to handle.

I suggest doing the same in your relationship. Whenever you’re worried something bad will happen and the opposite occurs, save that memory for the next time your anxieties overwhelm you.

4. Don’t assume you can read your partner’s mind

Instead, ask questions for clarification. If you are wondering what your partner is thinking about a disagreement you had or the fact that they seem upset, talk to them.

Assuming that you can read their mind will lead to you getting upset for no reason. Plus, your partner probably won’t respond well if you accuse them of feeling a way they don’t. Communication is key when relieving a worried mind; simply ask them what’s up.