6 Ways To Be A Better Partner When You Have An Anxious Attachment Style

5. Focus on the positives of your attachment style

Becoming a happier version of yourself will, in turn, make you a better partner. I know that most of the information about an anxious attachment style focuses on the negatives, but there are positives too.

Anxiously attached people tend to be more empathic, loyal, and loving with their partners. You are most likely willing to work with your partner to solve any problems that arise. Your capacity to let love in is most likely very high.

6. Do things that help alleviate your anxiety in general

Again, making yourself happy will help you show up as a better partner. If you don’t have an arsenal of tools that help you with your anxiety in general, it’s time to think of some.

For a lot of people, self-care acts like taking a bath or painting their nails works well. For me, I’m more of a take-a-walk kind of person. I take a stroll in the morning when I’ve had a particularly anxious week. I also love to draw, read, and go for a swim.

Whatever it is that makes you happy or helps you get out some pent up energy, make sure to do them regularly. These tools and activities will help you feel more like yourself and in control of your feelings, which in turn will help your relationship.