9 Warning Signs That Your New Flame Isn’t Worth Pursuing

Yeah, he’s hot, but is he a good person? Stable? Mentally healthy? Emotionally expressive? Does he communicate well? Are his beliefs empowering or unrealistic and distorted?

Character comes first.

Meeting new people and dating can be an interesting experience. Usually you can tell right away if someone is going to be a healthy connection or not.

In 50 years, you’re not going to be with someone based on the way they look. You’re going to want to be in a connection with someone based on the strength of the spiritual connection, the conversation, and the meaning of the commitment the two of you share.

If you’re truly looking for something long-term, it starts with you—you need to get healthy first, you need to find your value, you need to learn boundaries, and you need to find purpose and meaning in your own life. Getting married or having kids isn’t going to give you the same value and meaning in your life that comes from something deeper. Your purpose should come first. If not, the void you felt before your marriage or kids will remain long after you make those other commitments.