9 Warning Signs That Your New Flame Isn’t Worth Pursuing

That void only leaves once deep healing work has been addressed, and that is where true purpose is born.

Purpose work is born out of what you came here to heal. Purpose work isn’t just a “passion”—if it doesn’t have a deeper meaning, eventually you’ll get bored or burnt out. Divine purpose is rooted in fire. That fire burns because you’ve learned who you truly are, and that alone sustains you (yes, when you find it, it will sustain you materially too). What I’m saying might sound obscure or far-fetched, but it actually couldn’t be more accurate.

You need to heal to find your true purpose. You also need to only be in connections that support this new you.

If you’re healing or have been on a healing journey and are now looking for a partner, you need something more from that connection and commitment than you may have sought out prior to healing.

Here are some red flags that can help you discern whether or not the new connection in your life is worth pursuing: