9 Warning Signs That Your New Flame Isn’t Worth Pursuing

5. If they can’t commit.

If they can’t commit, then they are not actually committed to their own growth or to themselves. Their lack of commitment to you could also come from unhealed childhood trauma. If they can’t commit, run for the hills. The right person will bring up commitment early on, and will discuss what they want with you and what they see in your future together.

6. If their dreams are too small or they are only focused on love.

Someone who has self-worth has big dreams for themselves and a lot of ambition. Someone who is looking for an escape from life will look to love to be their end-all be-all. Steer clear.

7. If they are someone who doesn’t make you their priority.

Never ever give someone a lasting chance when they continually show you how unimportant you are. You are important. It’s not their fault if they can’t see that, but it is your responsibility to recognize when your value is not being understood.