This Is What It’s Like To Be A Single Woman In Your Late 30s

It’s been on my mind ever since. What is life as a single woman in her late 30s in 2020 like?

I really love men. I’m a committed heterosexual. I love cock. I find men funny and fun to be around. They can be useful for engaging dialogue and alternative perspectives, opening jars and lifting heavy things. Nothing turns me on more than a man that can make, build, and fix things with his own hands. Plus, they are great ego boosters and loving companions and serve a pleasant side of human connection.

And yet I hold some latent anger in my body towards men and what I have let them—and not only let them but enabled them—to do. I can’t believe the things I used to normalize and put up with. Like the boyfriend who told me he is a feminist and then requested I wax my labia and that, when we have kids, I get a cesarian so I would “stay tight.” I have inadvertently reinforced the inequality that underpins men and women and it leaves me feeling furious. I suspect many women feel this way without even knowing it.